Yulia Voznesenskaya, RDH



                                   In the summer of 2004, Yulia graduated from Krasnoyarsk Medical Academy  in  Siberia, Russia and earned  a Doctorate degree in General Dentistry .  Furthering her education in two years time,  she went on to specialize in orthodontics , and practiced in this dental field for 5 years.   When Yulia relocated to the United States in the summer of 2011, she dreamed  of  continuing to work in the dental field. She studied at Austin Dental Hygienist School and graduated in the summer of 2018 .  She joined our team early fall 2018.   Yulia loves dentisty and is passionate about educating her patients in preventive dental care.  Our patients love her gentle, yet thorough touch as she cleans their teeth and relax around her straight, no nonsense caring attitude.

                                    In her free time, Yulia enjoys working out  and  participating in many athletic activities.  She considers herself a dog lover, but recently rescued a kitten from a storm in our city and now enjoys spending time coddling and playing with her!